My Friends' Wedding in Black and White

One of my greatest joy is shooting weddings for family, relatives and friends using black and white film. Black and white film has a timeless feel to it.  I use Kodak Tri-X or Ilford HP5 due to the classic images they produce and of their very forgiving nature.  I sometimes push them to ISO 1600.  I also tried Ilford Delta 3200 but didn't quite like the results I got.

Shooting a wedding in many ways is easier than street photography. I have the license to shoot and the freedom from fear of offending anyone.  I like to disappear in the crowd as I record candid moments.  

The stealth of the film Lecia M due to its small size and quiet cloth shutter contributes a lot to putting people at ease and to the photographer becoming 'invisible'.  I also find that I can produce acceptably sharp photos even at slow shutter speeds like 1/4 or 1/2 seconds. I do not use flash and prefer the quality of images produced using available light.  The lack of LCD makes me always focused on anticipating moments. 

Using film for a once in a lifetime very important occasion can be unnerving.  Digital capture is much more reassuring; you know when the shot is in the bag.  But come to think of it, professional photographers covered weddings on film decades ago.  It's a matter of making sure your camera equipment is in very good working condition.  A back up should always be there. You should have your technical knowledge, pre-visualization, anticipation and instincts honed up to capture moments which will always remind the couple of their one very special day.  

Last August 8, 2015, I had the honor and privilege of photographing the wedding of two of my dearest friends in Amsterdam. 

Images were captured using Leica MP, M3, Leica M 50mm and 35mm Summilux lenses.

OMG! What have I done??? Did I just get married???!!!

Bollywood Dance!